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Ecologia (www.ecologiadesign.com) founder Michael Judd has spent nearly 20 years working throughout North and South America to promote edible and ecological landscape design. In Nicaragua his non-profit organization Project Bona Fide helps to develop solutions to provide food security and sustainable crops with higher market values in rural communities. He has recently published his first […]

Seed of Life Nurseries and CSA

Proverbs 22:9 A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor. The idea of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is nothing new, but by truly putting the community first Seed of Life Nurseries has set themselves apart from the competition. For less than $23 a week a family of four […]


Sometimes it’s impossible to see the changes in the world around you from the ground. You have to get a different perspective. That’s exactly what SkyTruth (www.skytruth.org) a local nonprofit accomplishes with their compelling satellite photographs showing environmental impacts from around the world. SkyTruth’s mission is to empower citizen scientists, government bodies and research organizations […]

Edible Landscaping

A few hundred years ago only royalty could afford to have gardens that didn’t produce food. After centuries spent on gardens that exist only for aesthetic value there is finally a movement towards arranging attractive and edible plants to produce spaces that are feasts for the eyes and the mouth. Edible landscaping is a specialized […]

Consumer Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) was conceptualized by a small group of Japanese women in the 1960’s who were concerned about the effects of pesticides and processed foods on their communities. The Teikei Movement, as they came to be called, connected consumers with local growers. Teikei translates to mean “partnership or cooperation” but the members of […]

Building a Zero Energy Community in Frederick City

NEXUS Homes, Bentz Street Located on a busy street in downtown Frederick, Bentz Street might seem like an unlikely location for some of the most technologically advanced, environmentally conscious housing in the county.  Once you’re inside the model home there’s an immediate quiet, though it might take a few minutes to notice that the cars […]

Thurmont Bungalow Gets Green Remodel

In Thurmont, Maryland Denis and Brienne Superczynski have been working quietly for years on a remodel of their three bedroom home. The couple purchased the 1950’s bungalow style home in 2005. The house is located in a quiet neighborhood in Thurmont Maryland. They gained 75% more space and, taking advantage of state and federal incentives, […]

Got Wind? Add a Little Technology… and You’ll Have Power!

In the countryside of Dickerson, Maryland there are almost as many wind turbines as there are horses. With 10 wind turbines generating about 36 kilowatts, Dr. Carlos Fernandez-Bueno’s farm might be the template for the Frederick County of the twenty first century. His company, Potomac Wind Energy, sells, installs and services wind turbines for residential, […]