State Solar Listserves: A Resource for All Things Solar

dc_sunInterested in going solar but not sure where to start? Want to connect with other solar enthusiasts in your area? Then check out a solar network in your state!


md_sunCitizens in DC, MD, VA and WV have recently formed solar networks as part of an effort to build support for solar in their states. The networks, named DC SUN, VA SUN, MD SUN, and WV SUN, communicate via online listserves that are open to any individual or business interested in solar.

va_sunThe listserves serve as a place for practical advice on how to go solar, as well as to keep track of local developments around solar. Members of the networks use their listserve to:

  • Ask questions about going solar and get help if they are are having problems with their system.
  • Connect with people who have already gone solar and share their experiences.
  • Follow new developments related to solar in the state.
  • Take action on solar policies and issues.
  • Get help starting their own solar initiatives to help grow solar in their state.

By keeping the discussion focused on solar, the listserves also appeal to a much broader base of participants that might not identify as ìenvironmentalists,î but who support their right to produce their
own power and are invested in their stateís solar future. This allows each network to help build a much larger group of grassroots solar supporters than if the discussion was focused on ìenvironmentalî

How do I join?

wv_sunVisit to join your stateís solar network. Community Power Network, a national organization that supports community renewable energy initiatives, helps host the listserves and provides technical support to activists in each state. Join us!

Originally published, 2013 Maryland Solar Tour guide by Anya Schoolman