Make power with Home Power…

Home Power, my favorite magazine just arrived. It is the only non-digital publication that I receive.

For a little over $2 per issue this magazine covers various energy topics: solar, wind, PV systems, electric vehicles, batteries, hydrogen, domestic solar hot water, etc… everything to keep an energy geek occupied for hours.

The publishers, Richard and Karen Perez started Home Power in 1987 to change the way that people understand and use energy.

Their publication presents renewable energy technology topics in an approachable, non-technical way. For example, this months’ issue features articles on PV system sizing and expansion, choosing a grid-tied inverter, free online tools for estimating PV output, how to select batteries for a renewable energy system, and how to build an electric motorcycle.

If you subscribe for for 3-years you also get a DVD digital archive of all past issues for free. This is a great resource for anyone interested in renewable energy!