Eating Green For Cheap: My Favorite Online Deals

I often hear people say that they don’t eat healthy because it’s too expensive.  You know what I think is too expensive?  Taking time off work and paying doctors to treat illnesses that could easily be avoided with proper nutrition and a healthy diet!  But eating clean?  Nah, it can be done for cheap.

My favorite way to save on healthy and often organic foods?!  With a Prime subscription, these foods can be shipped to your door for free in just two days!  BUT there’s a way to get them for even cheaper.  Amazon has a wonderful little offer called “Subscribe & Save.”  There’s no commitment (yes, you can cancel your subscription right after placing your order, I’ve done it before), you get an additional discount (usually 15%) and you still get free shipping (although it may take a few extra days to arrive).  You can set your subscription to be delivered anywhere from every month to every 6 months, and you can even get extra deliveries sent if you run out early or skip a delivery if you don’t need it.  About a week before your subscription is sent out, Amazon sends you an email giving you plenty of time to cancel the order or change your payment options if you choose.  Overall, it’s a fantastic deal!  Plus they arrive right at your doorstep, no driving necessary!

I’ve compared prices on a few of my favorite Amazon finds to a popular chain of organic grocery stores (let’s just call it “WF”).  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore WF stores and I am not saying that you should stop frequenting these stores.  In fact, my husband has been working for a WF store for many years and I shop there very frequently.  I have two main issues with these stores:  First, some foods are just too expensive for me, in my current financial situation, to buy on a regular basis.  And second, every time I go in there for 3 items, I leave with at least 15 items.  It’s dangerous for me to enter that store alone.

*Note: Prices change frequently.  These are the prices from my last trip to WF and my last visit to Amazon.

So here are a few of my favorite finds!

Nativas Naturals Cacao powder:  Far more chocolatey than cocoa powder, and it’s a raw superfood!  Great in smoothies.  Amazon S&S price per pound: $11.67.  WF price per pound: $21.58.  Savings of $9.91 per pound.

Nativas Naturals Cacao Nibs:  The raw vegan version of chocolate chips!  Amazon S&S price per pound: $11.93.  WF price per pound: $16.49.  Savings of $4.56 per pound.

Nativas Naturals Chia Seeds: Another raw superfood.  Makes smoothies super thick and nutritious!  Amazon S&S price per pound: $11.24.  WF price per pound: $14.98.  Savings of $3.74 per pound.  

Nativas Naturals Goji Berries:  Yet another raw superfood.  Just google them already!  Amazon S&S price per pound: $13.86.  WF price per pound: $23.58.  Savings of $9.72.  

Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls:  A daily probiotic supplement.  Amazon S&S price for 90 tablets: $17.24.  WF price for 90 tablets: $26.99.  Savings of $9.75 per box.  

And perhaps the greatest savings:  Vanilla beans.  Amazon Prime price per pound: $50.92.  WF price per pound: $907.35!  Yes, I’m serious!  Savings of $856.43 per pound!

These are just a few of the amazing Amazon deals I purchase regularly.  Of course there are many more!  What would you like to save on today?