Thanks to our Sponsors!

Thanks to our sponsors for the 2015 Solar & Green Home tour. Without their sponsorship we would not be able to produce the tour. Our Sponsors… British American Auto Care: We embrace more than just environmental stewardship. As a family owned business operating in Columbia, MD since 1978, we know that we have to take special […]

Rally for Wind on Wind-nesday ! in Annapolis. Carpool

TOMORROW Morning, We’re Carpooling to Annapolis to Speak Out for Off-shore Wind Tomorrow Wednesday, January 11 — 9:30 am training >> Maryland League of Conservation Voters, 86 Maryland Ave, across from City Dock Coffee 10:30 am rally >> Lawyer’s Mall. Sign up to Carpool at

Group Buying of Wind Power saves money for your congregation/group.

Check out the savings! Community Energy Purchase Frequently Asked Questions Round 3 – Spring 2012 1. What rate did you get during the last round of the Community Energy Purchase? For the last round in September 2011, we secured a rate of $.0808 per kWh for institutions that chose 100% green power (and $.0798 per […]

Want PV on your EV? Timberrock !

Right in Thurmont, MD, Timberrock Energy Solutions is building solar powered carports for commercial & residential parking spots. Check it out !