Solar Leasing Arrives In Maryland

After continued success on the West Coast, major solar lease companies establish their roots in Maryland during 2011. The residential solar lease has arrived in Maryland! With a mandatory Renewable Portfolio in place and higher than average electricity rates due to natural gas generation, Maryland was a prime target for the expansion of the residential […]

What’s a SREC?

A Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) is a tradable commodity representing the non-polluting value of 1,000-kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity produced by a solar electric system. The SREC is separate from the value of the electricity itself and permits the owner or purchaser to claim the benefits of the clean energy production by effectively subsidizing […]

Thurmont Bungalow Gets Green Remodel

In Thurmont, Maryland Denis and Brienne Superczynski have been working quietly for years on a remodel of their three bedroom home. The couple purchased the 1950’s bungalow style home in 2005. The house is located in a quiet neighborhood in Thurmont Maryland. They gained 75% more space and, taking advantage of state and federal incentives, […]