We Can Make a Difference Through Our Actions

“Climate change is real. Scientists agree. It’s happening now. It’s harmful and human-caused. We can make a difference through our actions.” These are the opening words of Maryland’s “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act Plan”, released by Governor Martin O’Malley in July of this year. The Governor noted in his speech that Maryland is especially vulnerable to […]

The Watershed and Your Backyard

What is a watershed? A watershed is an area of land that drains to a specific body of water. It can be as small as a few acres or as large as the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed (64,000 square miles). Precipitation falls onto the land, flowing to streams, lakes, and rivers. Some water soaks through […]

The Unseen Green

A well-sealed and insulated home inhabited by energy conscious people might not shout “I’m Green!” the way a solar panel or windmill might, but its energy savings can be just as rewarding! Energy conservation and efficiency, while not so visible on the outside, are great ways to start going green while saving “green”! With so […]