Rally for Wind on Wind-nesday ! in Annapolis. Carpool

TOMORROW Morning, We’re Carpooling to Annapolis to Speak Out for Off-shore Wind Tomorrow Wednesday, January 11 — 9:30 am training >> Maryland League of Conservation Voters, 86 Maryland Ave, across from City Dock Coffee 10:30 am rally >> Lawyer’s Mall. Sign up to Carpool at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE5UdFg0emFRU2EyMVRPbm9BekZLNlE6MQ.

Group Buying of Wind Power saves money for your congregation/group.

Check out the savings! Community Energy Purchase Frequently Asked Questions Round 3 – Spring 2012 1. What rate did you get during the last round of the Community Energy Purchase? For the last round in September 2011, we secured a rate of $.0808 per kWh for institutions that chose 100% green power (and $.0798 per […]

Want PV on your EV? Timberrock !

Right in Thurmont, MD, Timberrock Energy Solutions is building solar powered carports for commercial & residential parking spots. Check it out ! http://timberrockes.com/docs/EVC.pdf

Electric Cars are Charging Down the Highway!

This year has been the best yet for electric car fans. Those of us who love solar want to use that solar in our cars to displace gasoline, and the best way to do that is solar PV charging up ELECTRIC VEHICLES (EVs). Or wind power charging up EVs. And fortunately, this year, Big Auto […]