About Us

Maryland Goes Green is an public education initiative.

Our Contributors…

Rich Maranto is a business owner and renewable energy advocate living in Maryland. His home features active & passive solar as well as a geothermal system.

Before starting his software development company [RAM Digital Inc.] in 1999, Mr. Maranto was in senior management with a company that produced training for utilities (coal, gas, nuclear…) and industrial facilities throughout the US. In addition to his volunteer work with several non-profits, Rich recently completed a 3-year term on the Frederick County Sustainability Commission and is a board member of Citizens for the Preservation of Middletown Valley.


Charlie Garlow is an Air Enforcement Attorney for the EPA.  Since 1967, he has been an advocate for smart transportation alternatives, alternatives to carbon based fuels, and environmental protection.

Charlie has served in a number of public interest positions as an attorney, including Nader’s Corporate Accountability Research Group, Legal Aid of Passaic County, NJ, Sierra Club of Connecticut, West Virginia Citizens Action Group, and the WV Attorney General’s office Consumer Protection and Health Divisions.  As a volunteer, Charlie has served on the boards of several community and national non-profits.


Sustainable Frederick County: The Office of Sustainability & Environmental Resources advances practical solutions for protecting the environment, conserving energy and living sustainably in Frederick County, Maryland.

We are building a sustainable foundation for our region’s prosperity, health and vitality to ensure that Frederick County is a great place to live and work today and for future generations.


Noah Maranto is a freelance writer, editor and photographer. He was instrumental in the creation of Maryland Goes Green and has worked on the Maryland Tour of Solar & Green Homes since 2009.

In the real world, Mr. Maranto works at ZeniMax Online Studios in Maryland where he spends his days scouring computer logs as a “terms of service” enforcer in the very unreal world of a popular MMOG.


Chris May is a renewable energy advocate living in Maryland. He is responsible for growing and developing ~150 solar integration businesses across Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Washington, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for AEE Solar, a 32 year old wholesale solar distribution company.

Since 1997, Chris has devoted his career to transform our economy and society off of legacy fossil and nuclear fuels and onto renewable generated energy for national security, social and economic sustainability, and climate change purposes.


Nathan Fisher is a biotechnologist and advocate of sustainable communities. He moved to Maryland in 2006 and is involved with a number of community service organizations in the Baltimore/DC/Frederick areas.

Mr. Fisher is enthusiastic about achieving urban renewal and community self sustainment without sacrificing modern conveniences.


Alexandra Garbowski lived in Maryland for the first 26 years of her life, and is now attending graduate school near Boston where she lives with her husband and their 3 cats.

She has been a vegetarian since the age of 11 and has recently taken the leap into veganism.

Her favorite things include reading, yoga, photography, and her Vitamix.